Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ZZ Top need a break to clear their ears

Dusty Hill has need of an operation to remove a benign growth from his inner ear; the upshot is that ZZ Top have pulled their European tour dates. In something of a first for No Rock, we bring you a statement from an otolaryngologist:

In a statement, Hill's otolaryngologist Dr Shawn Nasseri said: "In the near term, we plan to stabilise Dusty's hearing and symptoms with medication and a conservative management strategy."

We're not sure if the idea is to allow Hill to hear exactly what ZZ Top sound like these days.


James said...

I don't know why, but now I've got this image of the operation in which one otolaryngologist looks knowingly at another otolaryngologist on the other side of the table, then casually tosses him a scalpel which glints in the light as it makes its way through the air.

Sorry, I've just realised that comment is about two steps away from Victoria Newton saying "Hopefully the surgeons will soon be saying 'He's got ears, he knows how to use them'!"

simon h b said...

You realise that, on reading that, Newton had to put in a call to the subs and get her copy changed...

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