Saturday, June 09, 2007

Beasties: There are no words

So, not only have The Beastie Boys dumped the rapping, and the sampling, from the forthcoming album, it's going to be all instrumental. All live instrumental. Mike D admits this might not be the most-chart friendly move:

"The more we kept working on these songs, the happier with them we became, and the more confused in terms of where there was room to put vocals on them.

"If we were trying to maximize our demographic or whatever, I'm not sure we'd come with an instrumental record right now, but I think we have to give people who've been listening to us some credit.

"They've gone to different places with us already, in terms of the influences we bring to the music we make, so hopefully they'll be able to hang with this curveball as well."

Well, their fanbase has managed to overlook the early sexism and faux-shockery, so a jazzy noodling album they should take in their stride.


karlt said...

Hmmm. I assume that they're appearing at Themeland, Stockton Ca on the next tour?

John said...

Second on the bill to a puppet show?

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