Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Consistency from Noel Gallagher

Now, what was the reason Noel gave for missing Paul McCartney's wee London gig?. Oh, yes:

“I was gutted about missing the gig but when your missus is pregnant, it’s like you’re pregnant, so I didn’t go out.”

Very admirable. So, erm, is this how pregnant people behave, then:
NOEL GALLAGHER may be a legendary caner but he was quick to try to jump on this wagon at 4am yesterday after a booze-up with KASABIAN’s SERGE PIZZORNO.

The OASIS star began at the Mojo awards in London, took in CORAL gig and ended at Soho House via the Groucho Club.

It's like he's making it up as he goes... mmmmm