Saturday, June 09, 2007

Gareth Gates claims his dues

At first, you think that Gareth Gates is having a little joke...

"Paul owes me. It's not just Unchained Melody that made him money. Will [Young] and I recorded the Beatles' The Long And Winding Road, so I think I deserve my after-show party ticket"

... but the mention of the second song really does suggest that Gareth was actually being straight faced.

He presumably realises that, set against McCartney's annual earnings, the royalties from a Gareth Gates song would probably barely make a tinkle in a pewter mug, doesn't he? And, also, since he was paying McCartney for the rights to a song that McCartney owned, in what way would that put McCartney into Gates' debt? Does Gates think that when he buys a pasty from Greggs, somehow this means he has a moral right to go to the bakers' Christmas staff do?
"It was an amazing gig. Seeing the crowd respond to Hey Jude really made me want to cover it. All those voices singing along is something I'd love to experience."

Gareth, Gareth... it might take a little more than merely copying someone else's song for that to happen, you understand.


alexis said...

of course he was joking. As ever the journos twist reality.

Stephen said...

Looks like a joke to me. I saw Gareth on Jonathon Ross recently and he was quite funny, and able to laugh at himself. Whatever you think of him musically, he's entitled to a bit of fun like the rest of us.

simon h b said...

The one line would have been witty; the inclusion of the mention of recording two McCartney owned songs suggests, if he was attempting humour, to have a dead ear for comedy. The bit about Hey Jude clearly wasn't a joke, and almost depressing in its self-delusion.

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