Thursday, June 14, 2007

Glastonbury eBay block bid flops

The much-touted tout-proof ticket is now being touted, as Glastonbury tickets are arriving with purchasrs, and then onto eBay. It turns out the photo quality is so poor, many tickets will get anyone in, providing they have a head.

Michael Eavis is trying to put a brave face on things:

"This is the first year of the technology and so it's a trial run for this year. In the long term the photography will improve," he said.

"I must say I'm slightly disappointed with the quality of the tickets myself."

But he added: "I've only seen 15 out of 140,000 so far that I'm unhappy with which is not bad."

It's not clear, though, how many of the 140,000 tickets he's actually seen.

There are plans for a second line of defence:
"I'm moving heaven and earth to stop it happening. I have people watching eBay so we will have their information," he said.

Enquiry cabins will be placed at each of the seven gates to the festival site at Pilton, Somerset. If there is any doubt over over a ticket-holder's identity, the person will be taken to a cabin for further investigation.

"When they come to the gate we can check the names of the people who have been advertising them so we know who they actually belong to," he said.

Hang about... they're going to be marching people to holding cells in order to force them to prove their identity? Is this a music festival or a dry run for John Reid's wet dreams?


James said...

The eBay listings make for fascinating reading. "I'm a 23 year old white woman with dark hair", "My face in the photo is the size of a fingernail", some sellers posting their mugshots... It's a shame it's not a real auction, I'd love to be in the room when that happened. "Currently with the lady with the right-coloured hair... Do I have any advance on a lady with the right-coloured hair? Do I hear lady with the right-coloured hair AND a similar shaped nose? Anyone? Lady with the right-coloured hair and a similar shaped nose? I should point out that I already have a telephone bid of same-shaped-face-if-she-combs-her-hair-forward..."

karlt said...

Best bet is to look out for listings along the lines of 'picture was taken following facial reconstruction surgery, which is why I'm covered in bandages' or 'photo taken during flirtation with Islam, hence the niqab'. Better yet, 'photo taken whilst wearing a bag on my head to annoy Glastonbury fun-police'.

Roo said...

I saw one auction for a ticket at over £8,000 last night! Do you think some auction wreckers are taking action or that Michael Eavis is getting one of his staff to wreck these auctions to stop people being ripped off with a ticket that won't even get them past the first security check! Ticket holders also need some form of back-up id so will be turned away before getting anywhere near the car-parks!

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