Thursday, June 28, 2007

King doubts heir's conviction on the King of Kings

He might not know which Beatles are the live ones, but when it comes to piety, there's no pulling the wool over Larry King's eyes. He didn't fall for Paris Hilton's claims to have found God while in prison:

He also called the heiress' answer to his query about her favorite Bible passage "weak." (Hilton said she didn't have one, despite claiming to have studied the Good Book every day she was incarcerated.) "She was weak in the Bible part," King said, acknowledging he thought "in that moment, that she didn’t read the Bible."

We can't help but wonder why, if that was what he was thinking, he didn't push Hilton on it during the interview rather than sharing his doubts with the media later - I suppose we're just lucky he went into TV rather than the law.


Anonymous said...

All you need to know was Michael Moore (and his film 'Sicko') was bumped to make way for Hilton on King's one hour segement!

Yay, Corporate America!

James said...

Did you see Michael Moore's subsequent appearance on the Daily Show (shown on More4 last night, probably on the Comedy Central website now, or Youtube)? Veh funny. As he said, "The priorities were in order... Paris Hilton, Healthcare for all..."

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