Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Perhaps slightly over-sensitive

As if the nation hasn't gone insane enough, hastily rewriting soap storylines because they have the word "child" in them and that could be so upsetting what with Madeline McCann still missing, now it turns out that a sequence of the Josephs-in-waiting singing Close Every Door To Me in The Clink (an ancient prison museum near London Bridge) was dropped from Any Dream Will Do because of Alan Johnston. Who would even make the connection, never mind being upset?

Come to that, we're still lost as to why Hanif Kureishi's short story about executions in Iraq was 'inappropriate' in the sixth week of Johnston's captivity but fine in the eleventh. The trouble with this sort of decision is that while it attempts to show sensitivity and that a serious matter is being treated seriously, over-reacting about soap opera plots and musical theatre ultimately trivialises the subject.

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