Monday, June 11, 2007

REG loves Madge

Fancy that, eh? Richard E Grant - who stars in Madonna's movie Filth and Wisdom - reckons that Madonna is a great director:

"She is somebody who is so determined to stretch in every direction and I really admire that.

"Believe me, the number of directors that I have worked with who don't have half her ability makes me believe she has a real talent."

Richard's ability to separate wheat and chaff is demonstrated by just how many of those Argos adverts he made. Because if he could cheerfully turn up and do those, we're not sure his sense of judgement is calibrated on any scale known to us.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the blog.. i did the argos ads to finance the development of my writing directing debut WAH-WAH.. so there was motive behind the madness.
richard e.grant

duckie said...

If that really was REG, then hats off. And if it wasn't, then it still sounds plausible. And I rather liked Wah Wah. I'm not a great fan of people I like doing ANY ads, let alone shite ones, but if we're going to start having a go about it then the tide will prove overwhelming. I'll start the ball rolling (oops, two metaphors per post, reached my maximum) with Stephen Fry and those utterly tat Twinings ads, plus every oleaginous voiceover he's done in the last ten years.

simon h b said...

Dammit. I knew I should have gone with "If You're So Clever, Why Aren't You Rich" rather than the Argos ads.

James said...


Thom Cuell said...

To be fair, I read the 'making of Wah-Wah diaries', and REG does say that he's not proud of the argos ads, but he needed the money to finance his own film.

But why is he googling himself? :-)

simon h b said...

Perhaps, Thom, he was going to buy a barbecue and was googling Argos...

Cobardon said...

Hey, if that really is you, Mr Grant, I'd like to counter the mentions of those less stellar performances by again plugging your finest moment. (Withnail and I of course)

I know everyone likes to quote the funny bits (with good reason), but the Shakespeare in the rain at the end is the best bit for me. Moving, and a wonderful twist for a movie where you've been laughing at the unpleasant manner and all round pathetic-ness of the guy all the way through. Turns it on its head by letting you see that for all his faults the guy really can act, and has thrown his talent away. It's judged perfectly.

Thanks for that.

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