Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spice Girls reunion secret ingredient: Free Richard E Grant?

We're not entirely sure we can believe Victoria Newton's claim in this morning's Bizarre.

The problem, apparently, is that kids who "were in nappies" when the Spice Girls split won't have a clue who they were. The solution, according to Newton, is to re-release Spiceworld and "let kids in for free."


Leave aside the question of if children who were in nappies, even ones at the time Geri left, really are the target audience for this event - they'd still only be nine now, so hardly awash with cash, or liable to be down the front of the Millennium Dome.

Instead: would the Spice Girls really build their comeback on the very moment where they jumped the shark?

And who are the kids who know nothing of the Spice Girls (which, of course, would mean they'd be ignorant of Victoria Beckham) who could be persuaded to buy in to the reunion by seeing a poorly-conceived film? Wasn't Spiceworld so very much of its time, it'd be like showing punks Summer Holiday in 1977 and hoping they'd like Cliff Richard?

To say nothing of why, if the Spice Girls are so irrelevant to this age group, kids would want to troop off to see them in a film, even if it was free?


James said...

I remember when this film was made. The girls said in an interview "The casting was briliant! We just sat around a table and wrote a list of all the people we'd love to have in a film"

The cast included Michael Barrymore, Gary Glitter and Doctor Fox.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about your Cliff comparison. In 1977, 20 Golden Greats by The Shadows was a popular album. And The Shadows were in Summer Holiday. So you never know... perhaps the kid's will go out and buy.. ehm... Bat Out of Hell! Oh shit...

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