Friday, June 22, 2007


Now that the Spice Girls reunion has gone from "unlikely" through "ill-advised" to "probable", the smattering of articles claiming to know the truth is turning into a deluge. Today, for example, the Mirror is claiming to know all the details.
25 dates worldwide, a private jet each, oh, and all five of them are going to take home ten million quid.

Ten million? Really?

So the event has got to take two million quid per concert simply to pay off the performers, eh? Before the running costs of the event, all those private jets, are taken into account - before Fuller takes his cut. If we assume that all the events take place at venues the size of the Millennium Dome - and that's where the Mirror says the launch will take place, so it's a safe bet that in their world, that's where they might play - ticket prices would have to start at £86 just to pay the Spicettes.

Doesn't really add up, does it?


M.C. Glammer said...

If Madonna can get £150 a ticket to cover her personal-use airline fuel, surely they can get similar consumers of the one-born-every-minute variety?

Anonymous said...

I heard that the spics girls eat several of their fans every show. I'd all for it, the less of those fans the better. Go home, open up a cola, and sit on your couch for no less than 15 days but no more than 1 year. respect

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