Monday, June 04, 2007

We are not Scientists, oh no

From the thickening folder of "not quite getting the idea about secret gigs": We Are Scientists are doing three secret support slots in New York under the name Beat Up Old Men. The idea is to stick to all-new material and not feel obliged to do old stuff:

"It's a good way to see The Long Blondes for free" Keith Murray told NME.COM. "And we don't want people to come and ask for 'Nobody Move'".

Still, it's still fairly secret, isn't it? Nobody knows exactly where...
Beat Up Old Fellas will play:

Brooklyn, NY Luna Lounge (June 6) (w/ The Long Blondes)
Hoboken, NJ Maxwell's (8) (w/ Snowden)
New York, NY Mercury Lounge (9) (w/ The Spinto Band)


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