Thursday, June 07, 2007

We believe this is internet grooming

Don't do it, cellists: Courtney Love is using her MySpace to try and recruit a cello player for her own devious purposes:

Travel with Courtney and her band to Paris, Los Angeles (where you can stay at her guest house) New York and back to Europe for a show in London and perhaps Manchester.

"Looking for a Gothic Lolita-ish Japanese Cellist, experienced with mp3s all ready to be sent to us to listen to. This is of urgency and if you're sending to us you can drop everything in a second and come on tour. We might need you this week.

"Videos of you as well are fabulous. Courtney needs you yesterday.

We suppose that advertising on MySpace may have been a way to circumvent the awkward questions about "Japanese? Videos? Lolita-ish?" that a more traditional entertainment agency placing might have raised, but it's still bloody disturbing. What with saying "I want a barely legal Japanese girl to send me videos with a view to taking her on trips and having her stay at my house", and all. Knowing it's Courntey's ad hardly makes it better, does it?

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Anonymous said...

"Gothic Lolita" or "GothLoli" is a style with a massive following in Japan, with many of the women adopting it not at all underaged.

Not to defend C-Lo on this - this is so reminiscent of Gwen S.'s human-accessory use of Harajuku girls...

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