Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why David Furnish is wise to not talk much

David Furnish has attacked Michael Moore's film, Sicko, which - we suspect - he hasn't actually seen. The movie is based on the US healthcare system, focusing on the seventeen million people without health insurance.

Furnish, bless him, missed the point somewhat:

"I completely disagree with Michael Moore.

"With my own father, when he was ill, the only option was to hire a jet and fly him to America. It was the only place to get good treatment."

No, David, you've agreed with Michael Moore; the American healthcare service is brilliant, if you can pay for it. You seem to have confused his film with one about rubbish doctors.

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Anonymous said...

So it's not so much 'mypartnerdavidfurnish' as 'filmcriticandhealthcarearbiterdavidfurnish'.......


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