Monday, July 30, 2007

1970s hippie tried drugs - breaking

We're starting to wonder if The Sun is being put together by a bunch of shut-ins at the moment, as they really do run this paragraph this morning expecting us to be surprised:

SIR Richard Branson has revealed how he joined the Mile High club with a married woman AND tried out mind-bending drugs.

Really? Drugs? The man who released Tubular Bells did drugs? Whatever next? It'll be Ozzy Osbourne revealed to have taken them.

And how "mind-bending" were the drugs he actually took? Did we nearly see one of the greatest self-promoting minds of our generation going off his cake on a mixture of LSD and smack?

Not quite:
He said: “I took ecstasy once. But it didn’t have a massive effect on me”. Of cocaine, he said: “I suspect I‘ve tried it, yes.”

The businessman, reportedly worth £5billion, claimed Rolling Stone Keith Richards was the “first person to teach me to roll a joint”. He said he had not tried super-strong “skunk” cannabis.

But he added: “I have smoked cannabis though. I mean, I went with my son on his gap year, for God’s sake. We learned to surf and had some nights where we laughed our heads off for eight hours.”

Of course, the Sun trots out some drug "experts" to condemn him:
Peter Stoker, director of the National Drug Prevention Alliance, said: “Richard Branson as a parent should know better than to take health-endangering drugs with his child.

“It was irresponsible and sets a bad example.”

The real worry, though, is what sort of kid takes their dad on their Gap Year with them?

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