Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beth Ditto's maddening inconsistencies

So, we've got 'supermodels bad, unless they're Kate Moss', and 'bisexuals aren't real lesbians'. Now we can shade in some more squares on the Beth Ditto matrix:

Meg Ryan = Good:

BETH DITTO has hailed actress MEG RYAN as her ultimate Hollywood fantasy woman.

Amy Winehouse... well, she's a friend, too. Now:
"I really like Amy Winehouse - she's the sweetest girl and her voice is amazing. I used to be scared of her until we met, she was a doll."


karlt said...

Where's the inconsistency? Surely it's possible to like both Meg Ryan and Amy Winehouse? Hideous and strange, certainly, but possible nonetheless.

Franco said...

It seems that Beth makes friends as she goes along. Expect her to claim that all modern singers are completely off their head on drink or drugs except for Amy and Pete D while all Hollywood actresses are blond twiglets with no talent, expect Ms Ryan.

@karlt - where's the claim of inconsistency? I pictured this article as a Jimmy Cricket one ("...and there's more...").

PS I was told by my ex-boss that it was sexist to use terms like "actress" instead of actor. Let's hope the PC brigade's eyes are focussed elsewhere...

M.C. Glammer said...

I wonder what Beth makes of women who use their cleavage as money-making and fame-grabbing devices? I suppose it depends whether they're uninhibited artists (like Beth, probably) or simply slags with an audience of pubescent boys.

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