Monday, July 09, 2007

Chrissie Hynde: We suspect she's not making the food

A few years ago, Chrissie Hynde got herself in trouble when she suggested firebombing McDonalds. Let's hope that Ronald doesn't take the chance for revenge now that Hynde is opening a restaurant in Akron, Ohio:

The long-time animal rights activist will be nixing all meat off the menu as VegeTerranean opens its doors on September 15 with a free performance by Hynde (backed by an acoustic act) followed by the grand opening of the Mediterranean/vegetarian digs. The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee will partner up with Dan Duplain, owner of the Fedeli restaurant, to keep the restaurant running while she is at her home in London.

That's lucky, otherwise it would be a bit of commute.