Friday, July 20, 2007

Doherty: Violence breeds violence

The whole concept of putting up a YouTube video, Revenge of the Bilo, showing you setting your mates on a photographer is a curious one - especially since Pete Doherty seems to be with giggling with delight. It doesn't show him in a very good light, and the slightly confused attempt to slather the ugliness in a Clockwork Orange-meets-Tarantino style wrapping only makes it worse.

But the biggest puzzle of all is, if Doherty is sending thugs to rough people up when they try to take shots revealing the reduced circumstances in which he's living, don't you then defeat the object if you then post a video of yourself in the flat on the internet?

Still, not everyone seems that disturbed by it - Pete's video has been rewarded with a big laugh from someone styling themselves "Jack The Raper". Charming.


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