Thursday, July 05, 2007

Estate agent condemns drug dealers

Whoever would have thought, eh? It turns out drugs are bad. Yes, we were surprised, too, but we have John Lydon to thank for this astonishing discovery:

"If only Sid had been able to grow out of the drug thing. He went into it like such a child. He did it in such a goofy, innocent way."

"For him it was a fantastically decadent world that he assumed carried applause with. And he was horribly rewarded because people would think he was special as he was so off his tree."

"But deep down, poor old Sid knew he was not special. That's what we are as human beings, full of self-doubt and fear - and that's no bad thing. Heroin was a symbol of deeper pain for him."

Sid Vicious did stupid things because he thought it made him look cool, did he? Not something you'd ever accuse Rotten of, of course...

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