Monday, July 30, 2007

It's as if Joe Strummer had two voices or something

Matt W emails us with news of Just Jack, who shared his passion for The Clash with readers of The Sunday Times, enthusing over Train In Vain:

I also love Joe Strummer’s vocal. It has the usual gnarly roughness, but is tempered with a more tuneful, almost yearning quality, carrying the theme of anger and hurt caused by a betrayal perfectly – which leads me to what I find most compelling about this song. Although the lyrics speak of some kind of huge injustice done to Strummer by a woman, there is no discernible malice in the music, no darkness or brooding. It is as if the song is a celebration of the pain and heartbreak, an all-embracing acceptance.

He loves it so much... and yet, oddly, no mention at all of Mick Jones.

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