Friday, July 06, 2007

Lily to walk?

The Mirror has, effectively, woken us all up in our beds in the middle of the night to break some astonishing news:

Exclusive by Nicola Methven 06/07/2007

CHART-topping singer Lily Allen is planning to quit pop - just a year after making it big.

Really? She's about to quit, is she?

Don't plan the street party just yet, though:
The 21-year-old, famous for her trademark dresses-with-jeans outfits, reveals she wants to be a housewife instead.

In a TV documentary filmed during her turbulent year touring the US, she confesses: "It's not something I want to be doing for 15 years.

"I want to get married and have children and move to the countryside.

"I don't want to be pop star for ever."

Ah. So when Nicola Methven says that Allen has threatened to quit, she means at some point between now and 2022. That could mean as few as a dozen more albums, you know.


Billy Ruffian said...

'Her trademark dresses with jeans look' - like no-ones ever gone out dressed like that before...

Or is it a subtle hint that anyone who tries to copy the patterns she 'designed' will be persued through the courts?

James said...

All of a sudden, her New Look range sounds like a piece of piss to design.

"See that rack of jeans there? Just move them over there by the dresses"
"That's it. Now can I have my money please?"

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