Sunday, July 15, 2007

McGee loves Lennon

Something interesting from earlier this week in Alan Mcgee's Guardian blog - a stout defence of Sean Lennon as musician. McGee thinks he's the "most underrated musical talent on the planet".

No, he really does:

America has accepted him as an artist - a consummate muso, in fact - and he regularly plays to more than a 1,000 people a night over there. Here in the UK, he's just a Beatle's kid.

Of course, it doesn't occur to McGee that the reason why he can play to 1000 people in the US may just be because he's a Beatle's kid, and not despite it.

In fact, McGee then goes on to sound like Michael Caine and any one of those people who feel they don't get enough respect in their home land:
The UK in general inspires people to fail. I blame the weather.

Hmmm. Really? The UK inspires people to fail. That'd be why the Beatles fell flat on their arses, would it?
If he can keep putting out albums of this quality he will be quite rightly accepted as one of the modern-day greats along with Noel Gallagher, Elliot Smith, Damon Albarn and Rufus Wainwright.

Interesting, in fact, that two of the artists he cites there are from the UK. Where we're busily inspiring people to fail.

(And Jim McCabe - who sent the link to me - points out the irony in comparing Noel Gallagher and the offspring of John Lennon.)

If we were Sean Lennon, before we print this one off for our cutting library, we might suck a thoughtful tooth and weigh McGee's measure of genius. Perhaps using Baby Amphetamine as a control.

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