Monday, July 09, 2007

Musicmatch users up for a fight

Musicmatch - one of the most venerable music services on the net - is about to disappear, as current owners Yahoo want to force all users to "upgrade" to Yahoo Jukebox.

That's upgrade as in move downwards, of course, and Musicmatch subscribers aren't happy. There's talk of a class action suit, not least because, as Yahoo's FAQs hint, the new service lacks some of Musicmatch's functionality:

What if I choose not to do this migration process? Can I stay with Musicmatch?

Musicmatch services will be discontinued at some point in the future. Many of the features you have now with Musicmatch are offered with Yahoo! Music, as well as new ones, plus a much larger library of music.

Emphasis added.

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Anonymous said...

Fuck Yahoo! I left when they joined the bandwagon and cut free auctions to compete with Ebay which BOMBED! Now they have fucked up MusicMatch. Fuck em'

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