Sunday, July 22, 2007

The past's future: 1981 - 3. Haircut 100

Third most-promising act of 1981, according to Smash Hits readers, was Haircut 100. The magazine was surprised they'd managed to do so well despite "only starting to break as we published the forms" and were confident enough to predict:

Expect knitting to become very fashionable during 1982
That future turned out to mean a lot of work soundtracking fun on the inflatables during Cheggers Plays Pop, a comic strip in Look-In, a slow slide down the dumper and a not-entirely successful resurrection of Nick Heyward on Creation during their 'rich off Oasis' years.

But what remains, of course, is the knitwear:

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James said...

Ah, I remember mid-90s Nick Heyward. 'Rollerblade' was an ace song (from what I recall of the one time I saw it on the Chart Show).

simon h b said...

He was very much a "played ten seconds on the Chart Show" act by then...

James said...

Aye, as Helen Love once said (although the 'spend eighty thousand on a video' line wasn't entirely accurate if I remember correctly, what with the video in question consisting of Nick Herward playing guitar in front of some big cardboard cogs, a promo clearly shot on a budget which wouldn't stretch to a bag of Monster Munch these days)

Anonymous said...

Sorry . Can't let this go without shouting PELICAN WEST IS THE BEST POP ALBUM EVER. There. Done. I'll get me sou'ester.

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