Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Private Eye need an I-My column

It's interesting that nobody actually wanted to put their byline to the advert-dressed-as-news story in The Sun today. At a time when most of the media can't start typing without adding the word "Facebook", the Sun is excited about MySpace:

MORE than 10 million people in the UK are regularly using MySpace.

Fascinating stuff, eh? But this really is news, and in no way an attempt to try and balance out last night's bad PR for the Sun's sister when Trevor McDonald's Nighty Night show reopened the story about the teenage party advertised on MySpace which got out of hand. "Look, look... it's not like on Tonight With Trevor McDonald at all..."
The most popular page is one dedicated to Project (Red), the global fund to fight Aids launched by Bono.

See? How good they all are.
The top 10 MySpace profiles in the UK are:

1. Project (Red)
2. Gorillaz
3. Bullet For My Valentine
4. Imogen Heap
5. Lily Allen
6. Coldplay
7. Find Madeleine
8. Oasis
9. Lost Prophets
10. James Blunt

Good lord. What a dull place they've managed to make MySpace sound - although can Imogen Heap's showing be right?


Random R&B Bitch On The Hook said...

someone really needs to start a band called "find madeleine"

James said...

I haven't been to that particular page - Is it anything like this one?

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