Tuesday, July 17, 2007

RIAA shovels out money

In another story about people being ordered to hand over cash, the RIAA has been made to settle the legal bills on behalf of Deborah Foster, the woman who it wrongly accused of illegal filesharing.

Of course, adding another $70,000 to the costs of pursuing the music industry lawsuits won't worry them overmuch - after all, they can just frighten a few more people into topping up the fund again under the threat of having to pay out more. What's telling, though, is that even when given this slapping by the courts (that legal systemwhich the RIAA insists we all must respect), the RIAA doesn't say "sorry":

"We respectfully believe that this ruling is in error and is an isolated occurrence."

Like so many large organisations, the RIAA believes in the rule of law, except when the law is ruling against itself.

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duckie said...

They're still trying to have it both ways with that statement, be it ever so grammatically shite. If the ruling isn't in error, they seem to be saying, then this whole episode is just some freak of nature, totally unlike all the other cases where the RIAA has pursued people through the courts before actually having gathered any concrete evidence. What graceful losers.

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