Monday, July 16, 2007

Steve O plots new career

We had been going to suggest that Steve O was plotting to add a second string to his bow, but then we realised we're not entirely sure he's got a single string yet. "Star of Jackass" isn't really a job description, is it? It's like suggesting that there's a career structure for not having a sense of shame.

Anyway, now he's getting musical on us: he's releasing a rap album. Oh, and, almost as if he's aware that it's a ridiculous idea, he's tried to pre-empt "idiot makes album to try and parlay his fifteen minutes into thirty" critcism by suggesting that will only sell albums for him:

To anyone that chooses to be critical of my decision to make this rap album, I've got bad news for you, it's a great album. I've been recording it with the producers of the one and only G-Unit and it is, indisputably, incredible, and made by the most talented people in rap music. So, since there's no criticisizing the quality of my album, anyone who chooses to will do nothing but sell units for me-- if that's what you're into, let me thank you ahead of time. Thank you.

If only Maureen From Driving School had thought of that one.

We do love the way he refers to "G-Unit" and "G-Unit staff" throughout what is a rather lengthy post - almost as if he's not prepared to name names. We'd imagine if you were learning football skills from Wayne Rooney, you wouldn't blog about it referring coyly to "Manchester United players", would you?

We haven't heard the album. It might be brilliant. However, we've seen Steve-O's idea of what makes good television, and if that is the standards he'd bringing to the once-proud genre of rap, even having Michael Franti and Sugar Ray Dinke on board to do everything bar pose for the cover photo might not be able to salvage this one.