Friday, July 06, 2007

Winehouse's hospital looks a little like a bar

People who were turned away from Liverpool's Summer Pops date for Amy Winehouse came away under the impression she was in hospital. That has since been officially downgraded to "exhaustion".

Oddly, though, there are photos of her propping up a London bar in the middle of Wednesday evening in today's Sun. Even Victoria Newton can do the math here:

For somebody so exhausted, Amy made the 240 miles from Merseyside to north London in double quick time.

Amy claims it was late in the afternoon that she was told by a doctor in her Liverpool hotel she was unfit to perform.

Thousands who queued in the rain for the gig were told she wouldn’t be appearing shortly before 7pm.

But Amy managed to get herself to Camden well before 9pm decked out in her finest threads for a couple of sherries with pals.

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karlt said...

Has anybody else noticed that Amy seems to have married Mickey Pearce?

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