Saturday, August 04, 2007

Allen kicks photographer, claims photographer

We have a difference of opinion, Geoffrey, over the claims that Lily Allen kicked a photographer who tried to take pictures of her as she landed at Melbourne airport.

The photographer's agency says:

"Lily Allen hid and actually kicked the photographer who asked her for just one photo."

While Allen's people say:
The photographer was jumping all over everyone. He was really in her face.

"He was asked by two tour managers to back off and then he was yelling stuff out."

Although, to us, that sounds like a justification for kicking someone rather than a denial of doing so.

Mind you, anyone who wants to take pictures of Lily Allen is probably asking for some sort of violent intervention, and we can't help feeling in five years the guy will be dining out better on the "I was kicked by a minor celebrity" story than any picture of said celebrity red-eyed after a transcontinental flight.

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