Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cold rice

Talking of ITV... it's now two months since we asked ITV the simple question "did you pass the advertising revenue raised during the Challenge Anneka programme on to the Children's Hospice the show was supposed to be helping?"

It's still not been answered. Each day that passes starts to make it look like more like an awkward no, doesn't it?


illicitizen said...

Classy of them.

Anonymous said...

I dunno...why do No Rock And Roll Fun think they're big or special enough to warrant email replies from major companies?

I don't know how many peope view this blog, but going by the amount of comments made, it's not as many as No Rock And Roll would like to think....and of course online it's the numbers that equal the empowerment....

simon h b said...

Anonymous: there were about 85,000 unique visitors to the website during July, I have no idea how many people follow the blog through email or rss feeds. Certainly, there are enough people reading for one of them to call me a cunt when I suggested the programme might have been more about shoring up ITV and some fading popstars than raising money for charity.

The size of the readership is irrelevant, anyway - I'd have sent the email to ask them this question whether I was blogging about it or not. I tend to the view that a public company, broadcasting on the nation's airwaves, should talk to its customers.

And I think it's a little sad that you seem to believe that you have to be somehow "special" to get an honest answer to a fair question from a company. All companies should be accountable to us all.

Anonymous said...


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