Saturday, August 18, 2007

Death stalks the Prince of Darkness

Two deaths at the New Jersey Ozzfest date, both apparently caused by a combination of the heat and substance abuse:

Police are investigating the deaths of the pair, identified as Raymond Guarino, 26, of Forked River and Patrick Norris, 24, of Coram, N.Y.

After possibly taking drugs and alcohol, both passed out in separate incidents at the concert, went into cardiac arrest and later died. State police said the men were believed to have ingested cocaine, marijuana and alcohol before their deaths, and troopers who searched Guarino's vehicle found small amounts of both drugs.

Although both of the fatalities were adults, 59 of the 83 who were arrested were charged with underage drinking. Other charges included distribution of drugs, lewd behavior and providing alcohol to a minor.

So, it's clear what the Ozzy fans did with the cash they saved by not having to pay to get in, then.

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Anonymous said...

In memory of my son, Patrick Norris:
actually my son died of complications due to heat exhaustion. He went into shock from not having anything to drink and being in the 90 degree weather for 10 hours.

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