Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Did the festival result on an increase or decrease in your business turnover?

Interesting: Mendip Council is attempting to measure the impact of the Glastonbury festival on the local economy. It's inviting local businesses to complete a survey which, once the numbers are crunched, will discover the extent to which the festival helps, or hinders, the all-important local economy.

Of course, if Mendip Council has both its wits sharp and its heart in the right place, it would be using this as a starting point to discover how much of the cash generated from the festival is spent locally - if the amount is high, that would imply the festival is taking a sustainable approach; if large proportions of the money floats into Somerset and then floats out again, that would suggest Festival Republic might be generating a much larger carbon footprint than it should. But let's not pre-judge.

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