Thursday, August 02, 2007

Great news for the Obama campaign

TMZ reckons that Hillary Clinton is lining up Madonna to be her star name for her tilt at the White House next year.

More interestingly, the largest donor to Madonna-fronted Kabbalah charity turns out to be the Clinton Foundation.

Hmmm. Bill's charity is pouring into a group who are using the money to attempt to indoctrinate a nation's children , then:

Raising Malawi is a grassroots initiative created by The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Foundation. It offers lasting solutions to the orphans of Malawi. Our approach is comprehensive, compassionate, and effective. [...]
Our solutions are:


* Create a sense of self empowerment. This is where real societal change begins. To this end we are co-creating a curriculum with local Malawian teachers (based on the principles of the Spirituality for Kids Program) that empowers children with universal life skills.

What the hell are the Clintons doing supporting that sort of behaviour? Does Hillary really believe that charities should be tying relief efforts to proselytising? Or is she just so keen to get Madonna to support her she'll swallow anything?