Monday, August 20, 2007

Is KT Tunstall a vampire?

Never mind about her sexuality - could KT Tunstall be one of the undead, who would feast on our brains (hang on, that's zombies, isn't it?)

The 'music' she has released is enough to suggest that she feels the torture of innocent souls is a bit of a buzz. (And, incidentally, William Grundy, why do you think your girlfriend suddenly turned cold on the idea of going on holiday with you? It had nothing to do with her wanting to pay her way; she clearly was horrified that you chose to play her KT Tunstall during your date last night. Watch out, or Ed will have her away, too.)

Now, there's more evidence. Fangs, to be exact:

"I had my teeth filed down because I grew fangs. I was only five and it was quite unpleasant.

"But I was fairly vicious if I got into fights back then. I didn't bite anyone directly, but I did some nipping when I was just mucking around with my brother."

Now, on to our next subject: Sandi Thom - werewolf or not?


Lulu said...

I've been to The Bronze. Well, ok, I haven't been to the Bronze, but I'm familiar with Vampire-related music. And none of it's as awful as KT Tunstall.

Anonymous said...

What's a Sandy Thom??

simon h b said...


I suspect Harmony might harbour a copy of Eye To The Telescope amongst her belongings


What's a Sandy Thom? An evening of unpleasant itching and a pledge to stick to pebble beaches in future.

Anonymous said...

you suck asshole

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