Sunday, August 26, 2007

Is Mel C coming to her senses?

If - as seems possible - the management of the Spice Girls reunion had hoped to hammer Mel C down into accepting her role as one of the money-makers, it's not going well: Mel C is having none of it, reckon The People:

An insider revealed: "Mel C still wants to be seen as a solo singer and she's told pals she's tired of being ordered around.

"Things are so tense she hasn't even spoken to Mel B, Victoria, or Geri since June."

That must be making for fun rehearsals. There's a slightly more solid piece of evidence that all is not well in the comeback camp: Mel had pledged to put her solo work on hold for the reunion; now, there's going to be a Mel C single just before the Spice's magical one.