Monday, August 27, 2007

Jared Leto confuses shiny prize with credibility

It's almost heart-breaking to hear that Jared Leto feels winning a Kerrang award confers some sort of artistic credibility on 30 Seconds To Mars:

"We've been working hard for a long time for people to accept the band. It's a wonderful feeling now they have."

If that's what you want to believe, Jared. If that's what you need to believe.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion it didn't take this award for them to have credibility, they already have that. They have won more than just this one award by the way. I'm sure you don't care for them as a band because your particular taste in music is probably something stupid along the lines of country or contemporary. I think them selling out venues world wide gives them credit enough so STFU.

simon h b said...

Of course they're selling out venues worldwide - that's rather the point of having a not very ugly famous person in the band, isn't it? Jesus, I'd go and see 30 Seconds To Mars to see Jared Leto dancing about on stage. I'd probably take an iPod so I could blot out their awful noise - maybe with some "stupid" country.

jana said...

met them for an interview a while back. even worse case of "we think we are very credible band and people do take us seriously" and "we are soooo famous and important" plus the usual "we will act bored, puit our sneakerd on the table and asct like 11 years olds" than i have thought.

Anonymous said...

This band is such an awful joke...I can't believe they won anything.

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