Thursday, August 02, 2007

The last thing you'll ever hear

There are worse things to have around you as you die (or almost die) than an ITV camera crew. We feel sorry, for example, for Doris Richards, who got Keith at the end of her death bed playing his bloody guitar:

"I sat on the end of her bed two days before she kicked the bucket. I brought round a guitar and sat there and played to her. She's gasping by now, she's out of there, y'know. 'Bye bye mum, see you tomorrow.' "

Still, Doris got the last word in:
"Next morning, she wakes up and tells my secretary, who goes round to see her every day: 'Did you hear Keith play? He was a bit out of tune.' To the end, man. Acid."

We're also touched by Keith's devotion. Not every man would send his secretary round to see his dying mother every day, you know.

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