Friday, August 17, 2007

Lookalike won't like a look at lookalike

The Sun gets quite excited this morning that Chanelle, the Victoria Beckham worshipping clone off of Big Brother, flew to LA to, erm, not get to meet Beckham:

WAG wannabe Chanelle ditched a chance to go back into the Big Brother house and jetted to LA this week in a bid to meet her idol.

Chanelle even tried to make a splash by turning up at LAX Airport in identical clothes to those worn by Victoria when she arrived early last month.

The ex-housemate was greeted by a few photographers — a far cry from the hundreds that turned up for Posh and hubby David’s arrival.

Yes, a newspaper did think that 'paparazzi don't turn out for a lookalike's arrival' was some sort of snub worthy of coverage.

If the paper's interested, there was a David Beckham lookalike round our way who failed to get picked for the England team. Hold the front page, everyone.

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Alex B said...

I don't think Chanelle even looks that much like Skeletor. Take away the haircut and the stupid sunglasses and there's not much else going on.

Yeah, she has features and stuff but is that enough?

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