Monday, August 27, 2007

Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours

According to The Sun, Winehouse and Fielder-Civil have fled the country. Winehouse's family seem to think this is a "good thing".

To the casual observer, this looks more like the sort of "good idea" when Factory sent the Happy Mondays overseas to record a drug free album. How did that work out, again?

Still, the poor sods who've been unlucky enough to have the pair sharing their hotel will probably be delighted they've gone. A New Yorker who was at the Sanderson tells the Mirror:

"There was all sorts of commotion coming from the room - screaming, doors banging, all sorts. It was really scary and so inconsiderate to everyone else. I had to ask to be moved and the hotel put me in another room."

After they'd moved to the Covent Garden Hotel, Fielder-Simple amused himself by playing knock-down ginger.

If we'd been staying there, we'd have just sent them a sack full of heroin in the hope it'd shut them up.


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