Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nokia launches iTunes/iPhone/iPod/eyePatch "killer"

Well, why not: everyone should launch an attempt at unseating iTunes at least once in a tax cycle, if only to provide a pile of receipts for write-off purposes. Nokia has launched a mobile music store, called Ovi, in the hope that you'll want to buy the music you already have on your computer all over again to listen to on your phone.

We know mobile phone companies desperately want to sell us music, but it's a bit like Seeboard trying to flog turkeys because people use electricity to cook them.


Ben.H said...

I've just found a packet of crisps past their sell-by date at the back of my kitchen cupboard. Inspired by your post, I have decided to launch these crisps as my own iPod killer and am working up a press release right now (well, after I finish typing this). It has just as much chance of success as everyone else's iPod killer, without any of the effort and expense of technical development.

Although my bold, innovative plan is doomed to failure, I can unequivocally state that it has been a great learning experience which will immensely benefit my future e-commerce strategies. I heartily encouarge everyone else to develop their own DOA iPod killer.

Anonymous said...

I caught this news on the BBC earlier today, where they added that the downloadable moozik would play on any device, thank heavens for that coz the noize that passes for music coming from a phone sounds utterly shite.

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