Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prepare to drop Shields?

The appearance of My Bloody Valentine on MyBloodySpace - complete with classic line-up - has fuelled the talky-guess-network that is the internet with rumours that the band are going to play Coachella.

With the Mary Chain having got back together for this year's Coachella, it's clear that they're engaging on a slow-motion replay of the Rollercoaster tour. Blur with Coxon and Damon's penis on-stage for 2009, then.


Lulu said...

Damon's penis is now a cartoon monkey, yes?

simon h b said...

Yes, only know it's critically acclaimed.

Lulu said...

And rightly so. It sings in Mandarin. Blur tried using a monkey that sings in a language most Brits don't speak when they recorded Parklife; unfortunately, they didn't have Jamie Hewlett to animate Phil Daniels. But Damon's learned from his mistakes.

Imagine if they did revive Rollercoaster. Dave could have a soapbox, Alex a cheese stall... I'm there, mate.

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