Saturday, August 18, 2007


Does anyone who reads this know Pete Waterman? If so, could you pop round and check that the old boy is okay? We're worried - seriously worried - as news reaches us that he's signed up the Sheila's Wheels advert women to make a proper single. It can only be a step away from Pete setting fire to the house trying to defrost his cat in the microwave, or selling his antique watches to a cold-caller for five pounds and a bag of fruit gums.

Not wanting to be cruel, but even by the standards of low-budget financial service adverts shown on daytime TV, the Sheila's Wheels girls had a the look of a casting session carried out against a tight deadline and a tighter budget. What is Pete thinking?

The only thing we can think is that he's trying to create The Reynolds Girls for a new generation.

Coco, the Coco Pops Monkey, has sent a demo CD to Pete Waterman's house, just in case.


James said...

You know what would be grounds for leaving the country forever and moving into a tiny hut on an island somewhere? If this lot ended up in a Christmas 'chart battle' with that god-awful woman from the Diamond advert ("So, who does your car insurance?"). She's not averse to adding in extra lines which don't fit; I'm sure three more verses won't be a problem for her.

Simon said...

This was supposed to happen about this time last year, except now it appears to have a slot in the release schedules and everything. Nobody can play it for advertising reasons, surely?

Tim Footman said...

I quite liked the Reynolds Girls. They were the council Mel & Kim.

James said...

tim - Am I right in thinking that the Reynolds Girls were created by S/A/W solely as a kind of protest to Radio 1, because the station's playlist famously preferred older tracks to the huge amounts of chart pop being produced by labels such as, erm, S/A/W? I love the idea of forming a group for the sole purpose of releasing one track to make a point. And the dark-haired one was cute.

I *think* the same thing (DLT-era Radio 1) also inspired Beatmasters' 'Hey DJ (I Can't Dance to the Music You're Playing)', the track which introduced us to Betty Boo, which is no bad thing.

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