Tuesday, August 07, 2007

That's why Mum has gone to Spylands

In order to ensure that after she's sold the "My betrayal - by the man I love" to this week's magazines, Kerry Katona is now offering to take her alleged philandering husband back, providing he takes a lie detector test. In order to have either a "The lies that made my life collapse" or a "Mark's never cheated - and I've got quasi-scientific 'proof' of some sort" to flog next week.

Doubtless, if she was given two weeks to live, she'd be depressed that she was going to miss the monthlies' deadlines.


duckie said...

The best line of the piece is "she doesn't want to look foolish". Errrr....that would have been a thought about five years ago.

James said...

It's a shame she'll want to keep the exclusive on the results for the magazines. This could've made a great episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show.

Something tells me they wouldn't want to take up the offer of Graham the Show Psychologist helping them solve their problems though (unless he could suggest an alternative source of income).

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