Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There's gold in that there misery

A happy ending to the recent troubles of Kerry Katona - all those cheques from the magazines has helped her buy a new car:

KERRY KATONA is forking out £115,000 on a 200mph Italian supercar — in the hope it will change her bad luck.

She is buying the black Lamborghini Gallardo to get over drug and stress worries, a £100,000 burglary at her home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, and a custody battle over her two children with WESTLIFE ex BRIAN McFADDEN.

She told pals: “It’s an incredible machine.”

Come on, Victoria, she didn't tell pals that, did she? If that was a genuine Kerry Katona quote, it would have looked like this:

Max Clifford tells me 'Kerry thinks it's an incredible machine'

Now magazine is already preparing a "Kerry - Death crash: Amazing rescue pictures inside" special issue, ready to roll when the inevitable happens.


duckie said...

"in the hope it will change her bad luck" - yes, spending an obscene amount of money on something stupid and pointless (Lambos are famously rubbish in normal traffic as you can't see a thing out of the windows) is bound to reverse her fortunes. Everyone knows it's just like kissing the blarney stone.

Adam Macqueen said...

Hello? (or should that read OK!) - is that the burglars what done me over a couple of weeks ago? Yeah, just wanted to let you know there's going to be another really expensive car on the drive if you fancy popping round again...

James said...

You heartless lot. Can't you see she's a broken woman, desperate to hang on to her children in a bitter custody battle? And what better way to prove that she's a loving mother devoted to family life than by buying a, erm, 2-seater supercar?

Hope the nanny manages to keep up in the 4x4.

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