Thursday, August 16, 2007

A thirtieth anniversary worth celebrating

It's 30 years since the Mekons first came together - and I seem to remember back in 1987 Mat Snow writing a piece that totted up they'd had sixty members or so already crash through their ranks by then. On that basis, they must be up to several thousands by now. One of their every-so-often albums is now just-about-due, and indeed, Natural is going to 'drop' as they say, on August 20th.

There's going to be a small US tour in September to celebrate. Although the support is coming from Chumbawamba-turned-soloist Danbert Nobacon. Perhaps, if we're good, we'll get a tour too. Possibly without Dan involved.

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Anonymous said...

They were over here for a few shows in June, actually...

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