Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Amy & Blake deny being Sid & Nancy

Not, of course, that anyone believed they were, but just to make it clear, Amy Winehouse and Blake Thingy have denied they're Sid and Nancy:

Amy told The Sun: “We are not going to end up like them. We’re in love and have everything to live for.”

Although, erm, that's not really any different from Sid and Nancy, is it?
Blake said: “We vehemently deny the stuff about drugs. It’s speculation — it’s rubbish.

We admit things have been a little crazy and have to change. We’re going to sort ourselves out.”

Interesting. We wonder if Blake will be launching a legal action against these claims, then - he could start by suing his own parents who have been telling anyone who'd listen that the couple were drugged off their faces.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love has been on the internet to deny that she ever said anyfink about Winehouse:
“NEVER hav i siad Shit about amy! why would i? imet her god for less time than i wa sxin the roonm woth you nd her- im suspicious about wher this quote cam from its too illtimed- whose her pr? Frued? My sex drugs and rock n rill philosphoy is this unlssyour hurting me or people i love then live and let live - just use a rubber. thaTS IT!

“just cos i cant do drugs and havnty for what 3 yers now right? almost exactly- doesnt mean i judge anyone who does, i dont , especially someone i respec t and have only positive thoughts for. My apologies to Winehouse for this nonsense.”

Although, we're at a loss as to how this "I don't judge people who does drugs" claim fits with, you know, all that stuff about Steve Coogan from last week.

Could someone show Courtney how to install the spellcheck on Firefox, by the way?


Anonymous said...

Crumbs, it's just dawned on me... We're talking about the country's most notorious couple of the moment, two people who are famed for their high-octane way of life, jetting around the world, rumoured to have taken every drug under the sun, their photographs a tabloid currency, fears for their lives voiced by everyone involved... And they're called 'Amy & Blake'. 2007's most rock-n-roll pairing sound like a couple you'd invite round for a dinner party ("Amy and Blake have just called, they're running a bit late because Amy had to dash to Waitrose for more polenta" "OK, no problem. Have you seen the Newton Faulkner CD anywhere?")

(Having said that, 'Sid & Nancy' sound like the old couple next door that you don't often speak to, except to ask if they'll sign for a parcel while you're out at work).

Unknown said...

courtney uses netscape 2.0. she used it to kill kurt.

Anonymous said...

Although, we're at a loss as to how this "I don't judge people who does drugs" claim fits with, you know, all that stuff about Steve Coogan from last week.

I though that rule 3 of xrrf club was that Courtney Love isn't responsible for anything she does or says?

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