Monday, September 24, 2007

Babyshambles: an extraordinary promise

You'd have to be surprised at any band pledging they won't cancel any gigs ever again, but when it's Babyshambles making the blood oath, it's hard to keep your eyebrows on your face.

Adam Ficek, though, insists the days of the no-shows are over:

"It's a statement of confidence, we've let people down by cancelling gigs before,” Ficek told Teletext. “This is us saying that those days are over, that we know we can't muck about any more."

He also had an answer for those who suggest that the forthcoming arena tour might be a sign that they've gone for the quick buck:
The drummer also said that the arena tour shows that the band are popular enough to play bigger stages, although, he added that they still “prefer intimate venues.”

Aha! So, they're doing it to show they can do it. It's not a tour at all, but a proof of concept.

Although... erm, none of the dates have actually sold out yet. So maybe it's a disproof of concept.

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James said...

Hmmm... So Babyshambles are vowing never to miss another gig, something which happens more often than not because of the unreliability of Pete Doherty. Coincidentally, they make this promise shortly before embarking upon a tour of huge impersonal arena venues. Arena venues which, traditionally, see the audience separated from the band by several yards, far enough that it's difficult to make out who's who onstage.

Call me a conspiracy nut, but does anyone else thing they're going to take Blake Fielder-Civil on tour with them and get him to mime to a vocal track whenever P-Doh goes missing?

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