Monday, September 24, 2007

BBC2 brings back DEFII

If we sit here long enough, everything comes round again. The new BBC service for young people, Switch, is being built around a dedicated slot on BBC2 with a music show and other programming. Yes, it's just a Normski shy of Janet Street-Porter's DEFII, with Annie Mac's Sound playing the Snub TV role:

Live performances by bands appearing in Sound, for example, don't take place in a studio but in local parks before an audience of teenage passers-by.

This, apparently, has been decided following a bunch of research, although what questions you ask to get the answer "I'd like to see The Enemy playing in a bandstand as uninterested youths hurl their empty WKD bottles at them"?

Actually, I know what question you ask for that answer, as it's "if I can't force Towers of London into kayaking across the Atlantic, what else would you like for you birthday?", but you know what I mean.

Switch also blankets over Sunday nights on Radio One, where Annie "now apparently the authentic voice of 29 year-old teenage Britain" Mac will also hold court, pursued by Kelly Osbourne's scabies-and-drug-abuse show, Sunday Surgery.

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James said...

As long as they're keeping the Surgery's Dr Mark Hamilton, with his awkward drugs-stance squirming, that's OK.

"Well, IF you're gonna take Ecstacy, just make sure you drink plenty of water because it'll dehydrate you, but not too much water or you'll drown, and, um, make sure you're with friends, and be aware that it's, y'know, you're gonna experience all sorts of, um..."
"And we should point out that taking Ecstacy is illegal"
"OH GOD YES, AND THAT. We can't condone drug use, so don't take it. You'll die. But if you do take it, um, drink lots."

By the way, talking of Radio 1, Colin Murray's show seems to be taking this whole Fakery issue very seriously. They're running an interview with the Super Furries tonight, and I've lost count of the number of times he's told us it was actually recorded last week. The last time I remember a DJ taking such pains to explain an interview was pre-recorded, it was when Steve Wright had Take That in and he was trying to avoid having herds of screaming fans storming the building.

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