Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bobby Brown suddenly wants to be Father Of The Year

Thus far, Bobby Brown appears to have spent longer in prison for unpaid child support than he actually has under the same roof as any of his children, so it's something of a surprise to discover he's suddenly seeking custody of Bobbin Kristin Brown, his daughter with Whitney Houston.

And it is sudden - Brown hadn't contested the couple's divorce, which was made final in April. This gave custody to Houston. So why the sudden change of heart?

Apparently, Brown is trying to convince the court he wasn't aware of the divorce proceedings:

Phillips said Brown believed the pair were working on their marriage and that Houston had told him not to worry about the divorce proceedings. She said the two had made an agreement.

"Who is he going to rely on the most?" Phillips said. "The woman he loves. He thinks they're working on their marriage."

Now, it might be that Brown is telling the truth - that he didn't bother about any of the legal notices saying 'you are being divorced by your wife' because she was saying 'don't worry, petal': in which case, he's probably not the sort of person who should be left in charge of a picnic table, never mind a teenage girl. Or he's just lying and that's the best reason he can come up with for not having responded earlier - which is even weaker.

Wonderfully, though, Brown has actually asked for the divorce to be set aside, and then reworked. This leaves the judge the power to simply undivorce the couple, and throw them back into their marriage. That, as my great-grandmother apparently would say, will larn 'em.


dinnie said...

Two words sum up Bobby's sudden desire to be a hands-on dad...........
If he has physical custody, Whitney has to pay.
This could be his most reliable source of income.

Anonymous said...

ah, the most reliable source that women constantly use...

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