Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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Framestore CFC tell Creative Review about making fish dance for the Chemical Brothers - and the fakery:

For Sammy, who is a squirrel fish, we also went to the fishmonger and bought fish that we then scanned for scales and textures. This is because we struggled to find any good reference for squirrel fish. So we scanned a red mullet chosen mainly because of its size and colour.

Trembling Blue Stars post an in-depth interview Bob Wratten gave to Supernova:
I also, think of The Field Mice as being like baby pictures; we were learning and it's not something I really want to look back on.I'd never want to listen to a Field Mice record whereas although I'd rather not I could stand to listen to a TBS record if I had to! If I were to be judged on anything I'd want it to be TBS. I think the songs are better and the records are better produced and more adventurous.The Field Mice was all over so quickly. From the release of our first record to our last gig was three years.It was very concentrated.Now things are much slower; there are three years between each album!


Anonymous said...

For Sammy, who is a squirrel fish,...

Nice to see they actually listened to the lyrcis (and the actual TITLE of the song) to ensure accuracy...

Thats The Squirrel Fish Dance then...

Andrew said...

Only some of the songs on the first two albums were about his breakup with Anne Mari? Does that mean that the others were about breaking up with some other lass then?

And IMHO, The Field Mice > Trembling Blue Stars. For all of TBS's sophistication, The Field Mice's work had more passion and vitality about it.

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