Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Emma Bunton still endorses pasta sauces

It could have been so awkward: Emma Bunton announcing details of her "no whites" diet (i.e. Atkins without the name of the dead guy attached - no pasta, no bread) while advertising pasta sauces.

Her cultural patron, though, Prego Pasta sauces, is relaxed about the whole affair. After all, it's not like they make pasta, why should they worry?

"There are many alternative methods for Emma to use the Prego pasta sauces without the pasta. She can have pasta sauce over meatballs, use over sandwiches, and many other fun and creative recipes that Prego offers."

When life hands them lemons, they'd probably just invent a lemon-based pizza topping. We're not sure we quite can believe someone saying "I'm on a diet, so can't have this sauce on pasta, pass me that meatball sandwich instead..." is a scenario that would ever happen, though. They could have suggested that she slathers herself in the sauce and invites her partner to make like he's pecorino. It might not have sold many jars of mechanical pasta sauce, but it would at least have been more plausible.


Ron said...

I've been known to use pasta sauce to replace ketchup at times on hamburgers and such. It's not too far-fetched.

Laura Brown said...

If I understand this low-carb rubbish correctly, dieters are still allowed to eat wholemeal pasta (hence "no whites" rather than "no grains"). Mind you, if you were health-conscious enough to seek out wholemeal pasta, you would probably also make the minimal effort required to cook your own pasta sauce, rather than buy bottled stuff laden with chemicals and excessive salt.

For the benefit of anyone who stumbles upon this page while contemplating giving up spaghetti (horrors!), I would like to point out that I lost over three stone while still eating good old-fashioned semolina pasta at least once a week.

eyetie said...

"...use over sandwiches..."

That would be those famous non-bread sandwiches?

Tryng to explain Atkins to Italian relatives is probably the funniest thing I've ever done. "Yes, no pasta, pizza, risotto, polenta, bread or panetonne."

Maybe you had to be there...

Laura Brown said...

Eyetie: Well, clearly that explains why everyone in the entire history of Italy has been obese. And don't forget those lardarses over in Japan with all their rice and noodles.

Why does Emma Bunton think she needs to lose weight, anyhow?

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